Thursday, 10 March 2011

seminar notes 28.1.11

SPACE – urban space
Social space – sites of power
Ways of looking and interacting in spaces
All urban spaces hidden are mechanisms of control and power the more you think about them the more you can spot them.
Cant park wherever you like
Attempts to order space and control people within it
Adverts – billboards etc (try and effect how you feel, to encourage to consume and spending) businesses.
Dehumanising and regulating society.

Single point perspective – unique to western art, optimises a particular way of thinking about the world.
Quote 1

Jemima Stehli – strip
Henri Lefebvre (1905-1991) French intellectual Marxist sociologist
Revolution via everyday life
Influenced the situationist in 1950’s and 60’s
(Guy Debord)
Influenced student leaders may 68.
A theorist of radical movements.
A rambling revolution of provocations.
Creation and function of space – spatialisation.
‘the production of space’ 1974
The reality of space is defined by how people use it, not just a plan on paper.
Choose a social space in leeds.
‘Illusion of transparency’
The illusion that; 1) understanding is possible
2) the objective viewpoint exists and somehow enables understanding.

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