Thursday, 10 March 2011

seminar notes 11.2.11

Identity and the other in visual representation
- Creation of identities
- Concept of otherness
- Analysis of visual example
Identity creation – what makes you you?
(subjectivity) – who we think we are and everything that we think has made us. What conditions and creates out subjectivity?
Values, how you were brought up, where, western subjectivities and non western.
Culture, sub cultures, job, intelligence.
Education – different educations have different effects.
How do you express your identity? (who we are/want to be/how we think we are)
Fashion, culture you consume (music etc) job.
Identity is not constructed by us or by someone else it is a dialogue of the world.
Complex multi determined battleground.
Production – the things you do, make, what you do in life.
Representations – stereotypes, stereotypical representations of your identity already in society.
Consumption – what you consume, buy, what you have.
Regulation – how you regulate yourself, you can only be what a given society will allow you to be.
Identity formation
Mirror stage 6-18 months old
Sense of self – an illusion of wholeness receiving views from others – determined by what other people think of us.
Identity is a performance created for a reaction from others.
Constructing the other.
Defining who you are.
We as subjects create objects to reaffirm ourselves.
Perpetuate negative stereotypes.
We other people to secure our own identity
Subterranean values.
Go through a magazine or journal etc find various bits of magazine (photo/scan) think about how the other is represented.

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