Monday, 28 March 2011

Contextual studies task 4 – Essay ideas

Title – Could children’s TV advertising be thought of as negative or harmful?
The main thrust of my argument;
• Advertising and how it affects society.
• The history of advertising children’s products, medium used, who it was aimed at, who it was for etc.
• The advent of Television and Consumerism, and how it affected children’s advertising.
• How advertisers target children. Age, gender, race etc.
• How adverts affect children.

I will do this by looking in to advertising in general, the history, type’s aims and how it affects society. I will then research advertising and children focusing on gender, age and race differentiation, and the effects advertising have on children.
I will look into how advertisers communicate to children and how they market products designed for them.
I will focus on a particular advert and analyse it in relation to my findings.
Finally I will construct a conclusion based on my findings that answers my question.


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All of the above should give me a good insight into advertising, marketing to children and the psychology behind it.

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