Thursday, 10 March 2011

lecture notes 25.11.10

The information or cybernetic theory of communication
Useful for – researching how as a designer your work makes effective communication
Main limitation is that it is a linear process and is not concerned with

Level 1 – technical accuracy, systems of decoding and encoding, compatibility of systems/need for specialist equipment or knowledge.
Level 2 – semantic precision of language, how much the message can be lost without meaning being lost.
Level 3 – effectiveness does the message effect behaviour the way we want it to? What can be done if the required effect fails to happen?
Systems theory
BARB – broadcasters audience research board
Audience catagories – individuals, adults, men, women, children, housewives – further subdivided by
age and social class.
Audience sub-categories, sub-demographic

Semiotics – three basic concepts

The phenomenological tradition – the process of knowing through direct experience, it is the way in
which humans came to understand the world.
Sociopsychological tradition – study of the individual as a social being.

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