Thursday, 10 March 2011

seminar notes 10.12.10

2000 word essay – 18th feb 2011
Choose your own title - critical and theoretical, something you’re interested in.
pick a lecture or a visual communicator
think about things through a certain lens (feminist/Marxist etc)
pick an initial topic or title
chose something you’re interested in and links to your practise (i.e animation, film, photography) and a particular aspect of it.
Do a library search and select the books which will be most useful.

Plato – allegory of the cave – to teach us a lesson about how people interact with the world, slaves
Prisoners shackled facing wall, born in the cave, die in the cave.
Only reality known to prisoners is shadows on walls.
We only see what we are shown.
TV, tabloid newspapers – present a certain image of the world.
Metaphore – psychological imprisonment, only fed a one dimensional vision of the world.
People chose ignorance instead of reality.
Reality and representations of reality.
Hyper-reality – a condition of the modern age where images become a representation of the world.
Haddon Sundblom – illustrations for coke ads 1930’s, santa – what we think he looks like. Used to dress in green, red-branding.
Cognitive illusion – an illusion that appears in your brain.
A world of hyper-reality and simulation.
Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) also a post structuralist
Structuralism – all culture is a language and can be read and analysed.
Post-structualism – its not as simple, more broad than that.
Society is obsessed with the spectacle of the world – produced by mass media, TV film etc.
Guy Debord – similar to Baudrillard.
Rather than being you, you are living the way you think you should.
Sign value – symbolic value, dominates symbolic exchange, more important than monetary value.
A copy of reality that makes it difficult to distinguish between reality and a copy.
The desert of the real – Baudrillards explanation of reality.
Charlie brooker.

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