Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Task 3


Produce a preliminary bibliography (in Harvard) of 5 books, from the Leeds College of Art library, that you think may be useful. Include a library reference also (e.g. MIL 709.12)

Bergdoll, B. & Dickerman, L. (2009) Bauhaus (1919-1933): Workshops for Modernity. New York: The Museum of Modern Art. (library ref: 709.43)

Harrison, C. & Wood, P. (eds) with Gaiger, J. (1998) Art in Theory 1815-1900: An Anthology of Changing Ideas. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. (library ref: 709.034)

Hughes, R. (1991) The Shock of the New. London: Thames and Hudson. (library ref: 709.06)

Kennedy, A. (2006) The Worlds Greatest Art: Bauhaus. London: Flame Tree Publishing. (library ref: 709.43)

Sim, S. & Van Loon, B. (2001) Introducing Critical Theory. Cambridge: Icon Books. (library ref: 306.1)

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