Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lecture notes 18.11.09

Graphic design – a medium for the masses

Areas for consideration –

Graphic design versus fine art.

The origins of graphic design.

Graphic design versus advertising.

Graphic design as a tool for capitalism.

Graphic design as a political tool.

Graphic design and postmodernism.

Graphic design and social concience.

Pears soap ad – does just putting type on a painting make it graphic design?

Persuades somebody of something.

Graphic design has an ethic to it.

Henry de Toulouse-lautrec, artist/designer.

Charles rennie macintosh , architect/designer.

Saville Lumley poster – illustrative doesn’t embrace graphics.

Bauhaus – one of the first institutions to teach graphic design, important in cases of typeography, page layout etc.

Art and power Europe as dictators.

Images relate to war.

Collage effect – joseph renau. Simplistic, use of type, striking.

Pere catala I pic – striking.

Abram games, key british graphic designer, celebration of 6yrs since war.

Paul rand – branding capitalism, advert, use of type etc.

Paul rand – iconic logos.

Peter saville – factory records, new order etc.

New order blue Monday, biggest selling 12” of all time.

Neville brody – designer behind the face magazine (1980’s)

David Carson – surfer, American, one day decided to be a graphic designer.

Peter blake – designed st. peppers lonely hearts band cover and band aid do they know its Christmas.

Designers republic – Sheffield based take graphic design as an industry in itself.

Julian house (for intro)

Mark farrow (farrow design)

Spiritualized album – ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space (1997)

Spirit of the age – zeigeist

Jonathon barnbrook – bastard typeface.

Naomi klein – anticorporate writer.

Oliviero toscani – bennetton ads.

Barbara kruger – I shop therefore I am.


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