Thursday, 4 March 2010

Seminar notes 2.12.09

Essay notes

1500 words, Harvard referencing. Can be tailored to an area of interest within vis com.


1) Parks and open spaces, recreational spaces etc?

Bauhaus etc

Walter Gropius (1923) the theory and organization of the Bauhaus.

Filippo tomassi

Look at work of the actual people. (books)

2) 2 examples = 2 different pieces of work.

Changing cultural force, post war affluence, disposable income 70’s US.

Define a shift in society or culture and show how that effected the design of the time.

3) postmodernism characteristics





references modernism and tries to do something else.

David shrigly.

Books – the end of print, david Carson.

The postmodern condition, lyotard j.f (1979)

Jencks, c. (1986) ?

Recommended books

Introducing, and books for beginners.

Very short introductions books

Critical introductions or critical readings (new media) - massive journal archive.

Applying ideas from books to analyse pieces of work.

Book – a short guide to writing about art, sylvan barnet.

The whole woman, greer, g (2000) London transworld.

Always put last date,

…………..(greer, G. 2000:9)……….[….] – to edit stuff out of a quote either make it into 2 quotes or square brackets and dots.

Jenkins, D.F (2006) ‘edward hopper and british artists’ [internet] U.K, tate research. Available from [accessed 30.1.2007]

Portfolio task

Choose one of the essay questions. Come up with a provisional bibliography, in Harvard, of 5 books. Add a couple of sentences explaining why you feel each may be relevant. Include a library reference also (e.g 735.1)

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