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Seminar notes 18.11.09

Paris – a city designed to be modern.

The city – the locus of modernity.

Media – new technologies.

Modernity – class divisions – more noticeable, becomes obvious.

Change of working patterns – work takes over your life, free time is rationed.

Time standardized – because of trains.


Modern – to be moder is to be new, cutting edge, contemporary, good, positivity, improvement.

Modernity – the condition of living in the modern. 1790 ish – 1960. Modern society.

Modernism – crosses every genre of society, individuals subjective responses to the modern and modernity.

Alexander cabonel ‘birth of venus’ 1863.

Not a response to modernity, fantastical, kitsch, traditional style, doesn’t aim to be new.

Venus – god of love, flirtatious pose.

Manet ‘olympia’ 1863, doesn’t look.

Clear class divide, shes a prostitute, banned from the salon, shocking, a critique of what art was, challenging pose, strong, experienced woman.

titans venus of urbino 1538. Fantasy of the ideal – male.

Gustav corbet – origin of the world 1866.

Photographic composition, no face, just tits and fanny.

Picassos – les demoiselles d’avignon 1907.

5 prostitues from his favourite brothel, based on African masks he stole, a new style, new aesthetic, inspired by sequential images.

Callibotte – le pont de l’europe 1876.

References new idea of flaneur, shows class divide, the new replacing the old, the bridge revels in its modernity, new technologies, inventions.

Caillebotte – jeune homme (1875)

Caillebotte – a balcony (1880) overlooking the new world.

A style that tries to be new, pointelism, made up of dots.

Spare time is controlled, on a break from the factory in the background.

Degas (1876) l’absinthe.

Underside of modernity, reflection of not all good.

Alfred Stieglitz – ‘the hand of man’ (1902) shows the trains, lifes quicker, seccularisation – mans world now, not gods world.

Negative – look what mans done.

Positive – look how weve changed the world.

Alfred Stieglitz (1903) flatiron building. Controlling nature and dominating.

Giacomo balla – visual attempt to capture the speed of a car going past.

Futurist – key modernist movement.

Gets rid of all the conventional rules of typeography.

A new technique of printing onomatopaic . thought war was the ultimate modern thing.

Herbert bayers san serif typeface – form follows function.

Bauhaus – embraces new technology and materials, practical, functional, impersonal, international.

International language of design that can be understood by anyone.

Modernism in design

Anti historicism

Truth to materials

Form follows function



3 photographs of things found on travels which are modernist.

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