Friday, 1 April 2011

Fearne Cotton beauty article

This is a beauty article containing tips and adverts for products. It is written by a ‘beauty expert’ who gives her advice on how to achieve the latest make up looks and rates the products on the market. Because the article is written by an expert the reader trusts the information given and is likely to buy the products on recommendation from this expert. Also there is an image of a celebrity with no make- up on looking rough, the reader can relate to this image. Next to it is the same celebrity looking made up, glam and attractive. The reader aspires to looking like a celebrity and the article provides them with ‘insider knowledge’ of the products the celebrity supposedly uses to look like she does, giving the reader the impression if they buy these products and follow the experts tips they too can look as glamorous and beautiful as a celebrity, reinforcing their status in the world.

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